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Membership of the IFF Research Association of Feed Technology

Our research association was founded in 1961. Since then, it has been our aim to investigate technological issues related to the industrial production of compound feeds, through research and the transfer of our findings to everyday operations. Another goal has been to enhance process engineering in compound feed production. This is the purpose of the IFF Research Institute of Feed Technology, which has been committed to research and development in the feed sector for 50 years.
Our members include 80 well-known German and foreign companies from the engineering and feed sectors and the upstream industries.
We are committed to keeping close contact with our members. The findings of our research work are immediately put to use in operations, to meet ever higher requirements and keep up with ongoing developments. Published at regular intervals, the internal bulletin IFF Service for institute and research association reports on the latest results of our research efforts.
We want our member companies to benefit from our knowledge and expertise. Here are some examples of the research institute's range of services: free-of-charge advisory service for IFF members on our premises, laboratory testing, process-engineering additive testing, testing the operational accuracy of production equipment for compound feeds and premixes, industrial testing, e.g. the mixing time properties of mixers, technical safety inspections, creation of explosion-protection documents and assistance with the design and documentation of management systems.
In addition to its research work, the institute also carries out contract research for individual companies, and offers initial and further training schemes for staff from the mechanical engineering and compound-feed industries and the upstream sector.
IFF members benefit from special conditions on our entire range of services.
Membership of the International Research Association of Feed Technology offers your company an in-depth insight into the research activities of IFF, and the opportunity to take an active part by contributing ideas and raising your own concerns. Our regular seminars and training courses provide an open forum for sharing up-to-date information and research findings.
We invite all companies interested in applied cooperative research to apply to the International Research Association of Feed Technology for membership.
If you would like further information about IFF membership, please contact us.
Your direct contact is Mr. Blume.
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