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Veranstaltungsprogramm des IFF-Forschungsinstitutes für das Jahr 2017

IFF Courses and Events 2017

05.09.2017 - 06.09.2017:

IFF-Practical Course "Pelleting of compound feed"                                                            

In the EU, approx. 75 % of the industrially produced compound feed is pelleted. Highest demands are put on quality. An essential evaluation criterion for the pellet quality is the abrasion stability. A multitude of influencing factors must be paid attention to, like e. g. physical and chemical properties of the feed formulation, steam quality, conditioning, operating parameters of pellet mills, cooling, as well as stability of thermo-sensitive additives.

Conditioning, pressing and cooling require more than half of the energy necessary for the production of compound feed.

The rising energy costs require the utilisation of possible savings. So it is worthy to leverage knowledge and competence for optimized process control!

Technical knowledge on pelleting will be given both in lectures and in practical exercises at the pilot plant of the institute. In practical tests, different measuring and test methods will be introduced. The participants will be enabled to improve the handling and control of the pelleting process in daily practice with simple means.

The course mainly appeals to employees who are directly involved in the pelleting process and can influence significantly the essential quality properties of the produced pellets (abrasion stability, moisture) by their technical know-how and experience.

The participation in this course is especially recommended for the training and further education of persons who have entered the compound-feed industry from other industries.

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