Fire and Explosion Protection

Operational dust-explosion protection

In many industries, an explosive mixture can arise when handling flammable substances and in combination with oxygen. In the processing of grain, dust inevitably accumulates as particles and as abrasion and finally as flour. This dust, whirled up in the air, can form an explosive mixture and, ignited by an efficient ignition source, cause an explosion.

The determination of the presence of potentially explosive areas is based on the job-related risk assessment to be carried out by the employer in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and further on the risk assessment in accordance with the Hazardous Substances Ordinance and the Industrial Safety Ordinance. The risk assessment was introduced as a central element for the definition of protective measures in the operation of installations requiring monitoring, which constitute a subgroup of „work equipment“.

The results of the explosion-relevant risk assessment and the protective measures derived from it are incorporated in an explosion protection concept which is described in an explosion protection document in accordance with the Hazardous Substances Ordinance (in German short: GefStoffV). The result of the risk assessment shall be used to derive protective measures and to specify the nature and extent of the required tests and the periods of periodic inspections by the employer.

Explosion protection in process plants: The IFF advises and assists you with the duties of the employer for dust-explosion protection

The long-term expertise of the IFF helps you to comply with the requirements of the explosion protection according to the Hazardous Substances and Industrial Safety Ordinance.

We offer:

– Development of ignition source analyses for the designation of the ATEX equipment category in accordance with Directive 2014/34/EU and for the derivation of measures for the operation of old equipment, which was put into operation before 1 June 2003
– Implementation of systematic risk assessments, derivation of measures and preparation of the explosion-protection document
– Support in the planning of new plants
– Examination of explosion safety according to the German Regulation of Industrial Safety Annex 2 Section 3 Nos. 4.1 and 5.1

Immission protection – Safety of plants subject to licensing

In order to ensure the safety of installations subject to licensing, the authority responsible for immission control may order, in accordance with § 29b of the German Federal Immission Control Act (in German short: BImSchG), that safety-related inspections and safety-related documentation tests be carried out. These tests may be required at certain times (e.g. before commissioning) or on certain occasions (e.g. as part of an increase in capacity or in the event of significant changes). The tests shall be carried out by experts appointed for these tests.

We offer safety checks and support in the fields of:
– Process engineering and design of plants or plant components
– Control of disturbances of intended operation, for example project planning, system planning
– Creation or testing of plant protection concepts (e.g. fire protection, explosion protection, MSR/PLT)
– Systematic methods of hazard analysis
– Explosion protection
– Examination of special technical questions about explosion protection
of the following plants according to the 4th German Federal Immission
Control Ordinance (in German short: BImSchV):

7.9 Installations for the production of feed or fertilizers or technical fats from the offal of bones, animal hair, feathers, horns, hooves or blood
7.17 Installations for the treatment, processing, storage or handling of fishmeal or fish oil
7.21 Equipment for milling food, feed or other non-food or animal feed (mills) having a production capacity of 300 tonnes of finished product or more per day or 600 tonnes of finished product or more per day, provided that the installation does not exceed 90 consecutive days of the year in operation
7.34 Installations for the manufacture of other food or feed products

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