About the Association

The International Research Association Feed Technology e.V. (IFF) was founded on 13 December 1961 on the initiative of the Association of the Feed Industry. The research association pursues exclusively scientific goals and is recognized as a non-profit association for the promotion of scientific purposes by the tax office Braunschweig.

The IFF maintains its own research institute at Braunschweig-Thune, which clarifies the technological issues arising in the commercial production of compound feed through basic research and the transfer of results to practical conditions and enhances the process technology of compound-feed production. Volunteer technical and scientific advisory boards guarantee practice-oriented research projects with their professional competence.

The IFF Research Institute is the scientific centre of the compound-feed industry and its suppliers. For more than 50 years, it has been supporting the entire industry through community and contract research results, a wide range of services and a comprehensive range of training and education events.

The IFF has been a member of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft industrieller Forschungsvereinigungen e.V. (German Federation of Industrial Research Associations – AiF in short) in Cologne since 1964.

A detailed brochure about the activities of the IFF and the Research Institute can be found here for „online browsing“ or as a PDF to download.

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