1970 – 1979

The first meeting of the newly founded IFF Scientific Advisory Board takes place. Also, the cooperation with the Federal Health Authority Berlin begins in the context of a joint research project „Warm treatment method for the destruction of Salmonella“.

To promote innovation, there is now contract research for members and third parties. A training centre for basic, advanced and specialized courses will be created to impart compound-feeding expertise.

The lecture on the 10th anniversary of the IFF „Benefits of Community Research“ takes place. Also, a comprehensive activity report can be issued.

In order to be better prepared for seminar events in the future, you rent the former mill belonging to the stable building.

Parts of the mill building adjoining the mill will be converted into a training centre and further education courses will be started. A first course to teach basic knowledge for mixed feed production takes place.

New seminars will be integrated: „Safety technology in the compound-feed plant“ and „negotiation tactics in difficult sales situations – quality through modern technology“.

The course „Technology of compound-feed pelleting“ takes place for the first time.

For the introduction of new special knowledge for the compound-feed production a new course series is begun. Among other things, the course „Laboratory tests for quality assurance in compound-feed production“ takes place. The experimental facilities in the institute will be supplemented by another pilot plant with the installation of a complete treatment plant.

The remaining work on the new treatment plant comes to a close.

The Scientific Council of the AiF visits the IFF. The first course on „Working accuracy in the manufacture of premixes and compound feed“ is held.