1989 – 1999

As part of the opening of the GDR, various events and specialist training courses related to the topic are offered. The lectures will be followed by a presentation collection. Following this, the development and development of personal and professional contacts with the „GDR“ takes place.

From the 1990s, there are seminars and courses in English for the first time. Also, information brochures, such as the „IFF Service“, are now also available in English. The on 30/31 October 1990 in the city hall Braunschweig symposium with the topic „Unwanted substances in feed, mycotoxins in grain and feed – measures for the elimination“ is translated into German, English and French simultaneously.

External presentation and activities
The IFF, which has been operating for 30 years, attracts attention by attending a few trade fairs. The IFF participates for the first time in the 21st International Trade Fair for Mechanical Process Engineering and Analysis POWTECH in Nuremberg. In addition to information events on current research projects, numerous training courses are also offered on the subject of compound-feed production. There are also training courses and auditor training courses for the increasingly important „Quality assurance according to ISO/DIN 9000 ff“. The members of the IFF can present themselves with a poster presentation in the members‘ gallery of the seminar room.

On 24 October 1995, an Extraordinary General Assembly will be held to discuss the upcoming construction. In order to adapt flexibly to the new challenges in the field of training and continuing education at the institute, the remise building adjoining the stable will be modernized and converted into a seminar and event space.

In 1998, the IFF’s first internet presence took place with significant support from the University of Applied Sciences Wolfenbüttel.