The Council is imposed of the chairman, two vice-chairmen and up to six other members. For composition, member groups have to be considered.

The Council directs the IFF and supervises the current business. It is the mediator between the members and the Scientific Advisory Board and puts forward to the latter requirements, suggestions and proposals of the Members’ Meeting or third parties for statement.

The Council is elected for two years by the Members’ Meeting. Re-election is admissible. The term of office ends with the election of a successor, at the latest with the next statutory Members’ Meeting. If during the term of office members of the Council should withdraw, a by-election has to be made for the rest of the term of office at the next Members’ Meeting.

The Council decides by a simple majority. It constitutes a quorum if three members are present. In the event of an equality of votes, the chairman shall have the casting vote.

The chairman convenes and presides over the Members’ Meeting and the meetings of the Council. If he is prevented, one of the vice-chairmen or another member of the Council undertakes his tasks.

Within the meaning of § 26 BGB (German civil code), the chairman and two vice-chairmen constitute the Council, always two of these persons jointly representing the Association.

The chairman acting in agreement with the Council appoints the general manager.