Laboratory Analyses

Our chemical and physical laboratory offers you a variety of tests for single and compound feed and additives.

Physical analyses:

– Humidity
– Solid density, bulk density, tap density
– Flow behaviour (angle of repose, flowability, friction angle)
– Pellet abrasion, agglomerate abrasion, pellet hardness
– Swelling behaviour
– Dust formation behaviour (Stauber-Heubach rotary drum, Palas® DustView downpipe)
– Mixing accuracy
– Particle-size distribution

Chemical analyses:

– Weender analysis
– Wet chemical analyses according to VDLUFA method book
– Photometry
– Enzymatic determinations (starch digestion, trypsin inhibitor, urease activity)
– Protein solubility (PDI/NSI)
– Starch content
– Total germ count (yeasts/fungus)

Sample preparation for external laboratory analyses:

– Sample taking
– Sample grinding