The technical centre of the Research Institute of Feed Technology has its own semi-technical feed production line, where experimental investigations can be carried out under practical conditions.

(of mixed components or individual components)

Roller mill with transparent front wall and variable speed, gap adjustment, smooth or corrugated rollers
→ Throughput up to 400 kg/h
Hammer mill with variable speed, different sieve sizes
→ Throughput up to 1000 kg/h
Disc mill (variable speed disc mill)


Small mixing systems
→ 2.5 to 20 litres of usable volume#
Experimental mixer with jacket heating and variable speed, various mixing tools and saturated steam direct addition
→ 25 litres useful volume
Mixer with liquid addition
→ 65 litres useful volume
Twin- shaft mixers
→ 400 litres useful volume
High-speed mixers
→ 1000 litres useful volume
In all mixing systems, the spraying of liquids is possible!


Laboratory flat die press with various dies for very small experiments
→ Throughput approx. 50 kg/h
Ring die presses with various dies and short-term conditioning
→ Throughput 200-1000 kg/h


Kahl expander on a pilot plant scale


Flow cooler
Belt cooler

In addition, we carry out various analyses in our chemical and physical laboratories.

Pellet abrasion and hardness

Mechanical and pneumatic stress as required
mechanical: Quick-tester with rotation disk, Pfost-tester
pneumatic: Ligno-tester, Holmen-tester
Pellet hardness tester (Kahl, various versions from manual, semi-automatic to automatic)

Dusting behaviour

Palas DustView to determine dustiness and dust removal over time
Heubach Dustmeter to determine the dusting behaviour according to Pfizer (gravimetric/quanitative method)

Physical laboratory tests

Ring-shear device for determining the flowability of bulk materials
Tamping volumeter for determining the tap density
Apparatus for determining the bulk density (100 ml) according to DIN 53468
Apparatus for determining the bulk density (1 l vessel) according to DIN 1060
Helos laser-diffraction spectrometer for particle-size analysis (18-3500 μm)
Sieving machine with sieve set according to DIN 66165 and air jet sieving (32-125 μm)

Laboratory analytical methods

Photometer (measuring range 200-900 nm)
Kjeldahl distillation unit with preceding Kjeldahl digestion and subsequent titration
Drying cabinets without/with vacuum
Quick moisture analyser