2011 – today

The members as well as third parties today have a broad range of services in the areas of seminars/training, services and advice, and above all, further research. In addition to the extensive course and seminar offerings, the academic staff also increasingly give lectures at external events.


In 2011, the IFF can look forward to its 50th anniversary. This is celebrated with an externally written jubilee edition and of course also at the general meeting.

From 2014, the machinery at the test facilities are rearranged in a major renovation project and adapted to current requirements. Many, unneeded old machines are removed. By combining the production machines on one floor, the workflow improves considerably. Emerged open spaces give the institute building a tidy overall picture. The unfinished work will be continued.

After the Annual General Meeting held in 2015, there will be a „Roadshow“ in 2015, in which 12 exhibitors from different member companies sometimes even represent themselves with larger machines.

In order to give the new generation of young people a platform for discussion, there is the „Generation Feed“ since 2016. The biannual meeting will discuss current industry challenges from a young generation’s point of view and make contacts.

Current modernization measures of the institute

For the presentation to the outside regularly fairs, such as the VICTAM or the POWTECH, visited. Also at the EUROTIER in Hanover 2016 is represented for the first time.

In 2016, the externally assigned planning of a fire protection staircase for the mill building required by a necessary fire safety report takes place. The implementation of the catalogue of measures listed and required in a fire protection concept is carried out after the approval of the planning documents submitted to the Building Authority for examination.

The partly outdated electrical installation of the institute’s own technical facilities is currently being brought back to a state of the art in small steps as part of the „electrical revision“ in some areas. The work is carried out professionally and properly by external electricians.

For the visual enhancement of the floors on the ground floor of the mill building and other technical rooms, a light grey epoxy coating will be applied in 2018.

The equipment in the technical center will be expanded in 2019 for processing insects.

The IFF celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2021.

In 2022 the protected patent was registered under the name PMPIFF (Precise Manufacturing PracticeIFF).