Members‘ Meeting

The Members’ Meeting takes place at least once a year.

On resolution of the Council or on written request of at least 10 % of the members, but not less than 5 members, an extraordinary Members’ Meeting has to be convoked.

The Members’ Meeting is responsible for all matters of the IFF, unless they are allocated to other organs according to the Articles of Association.

Prime obligations of the annual Members’ Meeting especially are to a) elect the Council, b) elect the cash auditors, c) receive the report of the Council on the preceding business year and grant approval of the acts of the Council and the management, d) receive the report on research activities of the Research Institute, e) fix contributions and adopt the contribution rates, f) approve the budget.

The invitation to the statutory Members’ Meeting by the Council has to be sent to each member at least 3 weeks before the meeting, indicating the agenda.

An extraordinary Members’ Meeting has to be convoked at least 10 days before the date of the meeting, indicating the agenda.

Natural members or the legally authorized representatives of a member are entitled to participate in a Members’ Meeting. Each full member has a vote and is entitled to authorize another full member to exercise the right to vote. The authority is required in writing and is only valid for one specific Members’ Meeting.

A duly convoked Members’ Meeting constitutes a quorum irrespective of the number of members present. Decisions are made by a simple majority of the members present, unless the Articles of Association provide otherwise. In the event of an equality of votes, the chairman shall have the casting vote.

Motions on items on the agenda of the Members’ Meeting have to be presented to the management. The consideration of items on the agenda can be rejected on proposal by the Meeting.

Modification of the Articles and dissolution of the Association always have to be announced in the invitation.

Minutes have to be taken for each Members’ Meeting, reference being made to the agenda and decisions made. The minutes have to be signed by the chairman and the general manager. Each member receives a copy of the minutes.