Intensive Course „Fundamentals of compound-feed production“

The intensive course „Fundamentals of compound-feed production“ provides knowledge in all relevant areas, which are necessary for the successful operation of compound-feed plants. The following topics are explained in detail:

Basic operations in the compound feed plant
Storage, dosing, conveying
Crushing, mixing
Conditioning, agglomerating (pelleting, expanding, extruding), cooling and drying

Sampling, documentation
Physical and chemical properties of the substance
Process measurement
Pellet quality

Feed law

Product and plant safety
Product safety and HACCP in the compound-feed mill
Energy and plant management
Working accuracy (mixture homogeneity and carry-over)
Fire and dust explosion protection

Animal nutrition and feed science

The topics are treated in lectures by the scientific and technical staff of the institute as well as by external speakers and deepened by practical experiments in the IFF technical centre and in the laboratory.

The course is aimed at:

– Employees of all levels of the compound-feed industry who need to know the entire process and/or need detailed knowledge of individual issues (newcomers, newcomers and sales staff, QM, etc.)
– Employees from companies that work together with the compound-feed industry and need the basic knowledge necessary for successful cooperation.

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Market developments, competition and legal regulations make high demands on the expertise of compound feed manufacturers. Cost-effective production, high recipe flexibility, guaranteed quality, perfect hygienic condition, product and plant safety as well as environmental compatibility require a wide range of basic knowledge and the mastery of modern, safe process engineering. The intensive course gives a detailed overview of the fundamentals of modern compound-feed production, which form the foundation for the required expertise. The course serves the training of junior staff as well as the experienced practitioners to refresh their knowledge. The intensive course concludes with a written proof of achievement, which will be certified to the participants in case of success.

Successful completion serves as proof of the expertise required for the production of animal feed in accordance with the feed ordinance (FuttMV) and feed hygiene regulation (VO (EC) 183/2005).