Occupational safety seminar „Occupational safety organization and responsibility in occupational safety“

In the area of conflict between day-to-day business, customer demands and legal obligations, the employer faces the challenge of organizing occupational safety and health. At the same time, operational processes can only run smoothly if safety and health protection can be taken into account in practice. The occupational safety organization forms the framework for all activities. Like any other business goal, it must be well organized.
The seminar places particular emphasis on the managerial responsibility of the entrepreneur or his representative. The participants should be enabled to be able to question the structures in their own company, to identify deficits in occupational safety and health and to develop and implement measures to improve their own legal security in occupational safety and health and to improve working conditions.

Target group:

The one-day event is aimed at entrepreneurs and senior executives, such as managing directors, plant managers etc., from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of animal feed production, mills and malting plants.


The professional association
Foundations and tasks of the professional cooperative
Assistance, consulting services and seminars
Accident numbers and resulting costs

Responsibility in occupational safety
Legal basis for occupational safety
Occupational safety organization
Documentation and practical help
Risk assessment, instruction, selection
Dealing with authorities/contact persons

Responsibility and tasks in explosion protection
Legal basis for explosion protection
Organizational requirements
State of the art
Tests on a practical example

Typical occupational safety topics in the sectors
From the perspective of the BGN (accidents, occupational diseases, …)
Small businesses
Practical examples